KozaVisual Ethnographic Film Workshop

KozaVisual is an initiative formed by a group of social scientists and artists. The main goal of the initiative is providing cooperation and exchange of knowledge in order to enhance the application of audio-visual tools and resources, considered as one of the most influential medium in the last decades, into the social sciences and arts more effectively and comprehensively.

In April 2007, KozaVisual - I, as a common initiative of academicians and students from different universities in Turkey, began working with the support of Netherlands Institute for Higher Education in Ankara and The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara to reach the goals stated above.

Within the frame of this support, the Project commenced on 28th of April, 2007, with a seminar by Dr. Ulus Baker, titled “Visual Thinking” and finalized its first phase lasting three months by the end of July, 2007.

Within the scope of first program, “Montevideo/Time Based Arts, Netherlands Media Art Institute” and “Dutch Art Institute” from Netherlands showed an interest in the aims and targets of KozaVisual and have contributed with a series of workshops and seminars.

During these three months, three fieldworks have been realized: These fieldworks started with a region in Ankara which is in process of urban transformation and continued with an etnographic video seminar/workshop taught by Aras Ozgun at Ibrahimpasa village of Cappadocia, where the last two of the fieldworks took place. As a result of these fieldworks, over 11 films (animations, video art films, documentary, and experimental films) were produced. You can find 9 films made by KozaVisual – I participants in the DVD of KozaVisual – I: Cappadocia, Ibrahimpasa Village Fieldwork.

You can find more information about the KozaVisual Ethnographic Film Workshop DVD on Pyromedia site.