redTV Series

concept, videography, editing, sound design, DVD design and authoring by Aras Ozgun

redTV is basically a series of video interviews made with public intellectuals on certain issues and concepts related with radical politics. these are deliberately raw interviews; what mainstream documentary filmmakers would call "talking heads". they should rather be considered as "video articles" or "oral essays/statements in an electronic form". the substantial content of these videos are the ideas and the speech. still they are minimally stylized. there are many motives behind the production of redTV. first of all; it is simply accessible and promising; there are practical advantages which digital video production processes open up for the circulation of "ideas". then, at a more sophisticated level, there is this idea of "orality" in our minds; theory has always been primarily associated with notions of literacy, such as "reading" and "writing", rather than notions of orality, such as "listening", "seeing" and "speaking". what we do, in this context, is to associate theory with a new form of orality. electronic media might as well be (or, already "is") a new form of orality in this sense. and in this new sphere of orality, theory can be cultivated in its most uncanny, ephemeral, joyfull, dionysian form as well.

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